JBLTH’s Square Log System uses a square log-on-log concept with two types of dovetail corners.

This system uses square log elements manufactured from 6″x12″ or 8″x12″ or 9″x12″ or 10″x12″ stock. Each square log element will have either hewn or planed exterior and interior appearance and will have incorporated into its configuration the JBLTH double tongue and groove system. The exterior surface of the Square Log System does not require chinking. However, the standard square log element has an indention on the exterior and/or interior surface at each layer joint that is suitable for simulated chinking. A V-groove is available as an optional exterior and/or interior groove.

Jim Barna Log And Timber Homes’ new Appalachian Dovetail Corner Notching machine now offers expedited manufacturing. The company continues offering its unique European Dovetail Corners manufactured on its Hundegger machine.

Please watch attached video footage to see the Appalachian Dovetail Corner Notching machine in action.

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