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I am writing today to tell you about my experiences with Jim Barna Log Homes. I began my journey to a log home at a Log Home Show in Charlotte, NC in 2002. I had been researching log homes, and log home companies for probably over a year by the time I attended the show in Charlotte, and actually started out believing I would purchase a log home from another company. I went to the show specifically to check out this companies display. While there I checked out the display of the original company, and I was not as impressed with their offering of homes as I had been reading about them. I did, however, talk to a real estate salesman for a development company out of Charlotte, and he asked about whether I had a lot to build a log home on. After I told him no, he proceeded to tell me of two developments his company was offering on Smith Mountain Lake, and Leesville Lake. I came to Virginia shortly after that and decided that Leesville Lake was the location for me.

Now I still did not have a log home company, and I began researching companies closer to home. I found Jim Barna Log Homes, and as they say the rest is history. I purchased the 30th Anniversary package from Jim Barna, and put down my deposit until I was ready to build. It was in 2006 after many modifications to the plan that we started building a Grandview Barna home. We flipped the plan around, and moved the front to the lake side, and added more windows, and added a shed dormer on what was the rear to appear to be the front. The folks at Jim Barna were always very patient with my wife, Beth and myself as we went through the process of getting the perfect plan for us. Along the way during this process, shortly after I had made a deposit that Mike Okuley came into my log home present and future. It turns out he was building a Grandview Barna home over in Bedford, VA just a short drive from my home in Lynchburg. Mike was in the process of becoming a Barna distributor, and this was his model home, and office. We were very fortunate that Mike was there for us to learn from, and watch as he built his Grandview. I learned many things from this process, and since we were reversing our home due to having a lake front home he definitely helped us with ideas on how to accomplish this. I stole more than a few ideas from Mike, and he helped me more than I can repay, and he was not my distributor. I had not known of Mike, but we became friends along the way, and he still helps me now. I recently added a stairway off the back of my porch, and Mike helped me get the needed materials, and when my original contractor was unable to build a log railing, Mike introduced me to a local contractor who builds homes for Mike’s homeowners. There are at least three Jim Barna log homes in the development where my home is located on Leesville Lake. All of them have held up very nicely.

I could not be happier with my Jim Barna Log Home as it turned out to be spectacular, and every one of my family, and friends has been impressed with the quality, and solidness of our home. The employees of Jim Barna that I came to know, and love were always very helpful, and held my hand as my wife and I went through the process of building a log home. I went through the Jim Barna Log Home building class for new owners which included a beginning to end tour of the log milling facility in Oneida, TN. Also, we built a small log home indoors at a building on the grounds of Jim Barna. That really impressed upon me that I had definitely made the right choice in a Jim Barna Log Home.

I am going to send Mike some updated photos of some recent work we have done, and some of the landscaping improvements to our lot. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you how happy my wife and I have a Jim Barna Log Home. We consider our little sanctuary in the woods.

Clifford I. Phillips, OD
1216 Regency Woods Place
Lynchburg, VA 24503

“My husband and I had dreamed of building a log home, but we always thought it was out of reach. Just out of curiosity, I contacted Jim Barna Log Homes, we were fortunate enough to be connected with David Dysarczyk. David started us out by inviting us to the open house at the Jim Barna plant.

We were impressed with their operation and very impressed with Mr. Dysarczyk. We wanted a custom home, which was no problem for David. He worked with his staff to design our perfect home. He was with us throughout the planning and construction of our home. We had a few minor problems and setbacks but David was always there to correct them.

David also helped us with hiring our contractors, which were also wonderful. We have been living in our home for three years now and we love it more every day. We would recommend Jim Barna Log Homes and highly recommend David Dysarczyk if your dream is owning a log home.”


Dowanna and Bryon Ramsey
Barbourville, Kentucky

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